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PLG Law has decades of experience supporting business and individuals in real estate transactions. We assist businesses who are developing, purchasing, leasing or selling real estate. We also assist clients purchasing residential properties whether it’s for their home an investment property!

Protecting your real estate investment

Navigating real estate transactions

With decades of experience, PLG Law is a trusted partner for individuals and businesses in real estate transactions. Whether you're buying, selling, leasing, or developing real estate, our dedicated team provides expert guidance and ensures your investment is protected. We handle the unique complexities of commercial real estate, including zoning and environmental regulations, as well as residential transactions, where our legal expertise is essential to navigate contract issues, inspections, and closing documents. With PLG Law, you can rest assured that your real estate transactions are in capable hands.

Commerical real estate transactions

For businesses, investors and individuals engaged in the sale or purchase of a piece of commercial real estate, we offer representation that understands real estate transactions and your needs. We know that the sale, purchase or leasing of a commercial property includes a wide range of considerations that are not part of residential transactions. Zoning issues, environmental regulations and other issues may have an impact on your transaction.

At PLG Law, our firm is committed to providing the support businesses and individuals deserve when they are developing, buying, leasing or selling real estate. With such a substantial investment being made, it is essential that nothing goes wrong and that your investment is protected. Some states, such as North Carolina, residents are required by law to have a lawyer representing them at their closing. Other states, such as Florida, residents are not required to have an attorney.

In our decades of helping our clients with real estate transactions we have seen the value in having legal counsel look out for you. This is one of the most significant transactions a client can make and having counsel you can trust by your side can help you rest at ease knowing that your best interests are well protected. Let PLG Law assist you with your commercial real estate needs.

Residential real estate transactions

The purchase of a home is one of the most significant financial decisions one can make. PLG Law is here to help you in your important real estate transactions. We represent buyers and sellers by guiding them through the closing process. PLG’s experienced real estate attorneys will handle all of the legal requirements in your real estate purchase transaction. In some states, you are required by state law to have an attorney involved in the closing process as the closing process is considered the practice of law.

There are numerous issues that can arise during the purchase of a home. These issues will often impact the purchase price and should be corrected prior to the completion of the sale. For example, home inspections often present unknown mechanical issues with the property, which in turn, will cause unforeseen costs with the transaction. Attorneys at PLG Law can negotiate on behalf of buyers and sellers to resolve who will bear the burden of unexpected repair costs prior to closing.

The closing day for a home is an exciting and also anxious time with the countless legal documents the buyer and seller must sign. The closing documents must be read and fully understood by both the buyer and seller. PLG Law can serve as your legal counsel ensuring you avoid common contract issues that arise during closing. We can modify or make additions to existing purchase contracts or draft new agreements when needed. Our real estate attorneys can also make sure all documents, such as deeds, are properly recorded or filed.

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