Raising Money

We believe small business capital formation is critical to not only the health of our individual business clients but the economy as a whole.

Banking reform precipitated as a result of the great recession has left many small businesses with a lack of access to capital.  Without capital many businesses cannot grow, adapt, or even fund their current, successful business. Capital practitioners and even the US Securities and Exchange Commission have gotten creative in an attempt to provide solutions while still protecting the investing public.

We have structured and focused our firm to help our clients raise capital and/or leverage their business to bring in capital.
There are only a limited number of ways a business can raise capital, outside of the provision of its products and services.  A business can borrow (including from a traditional bank if you can get it), participate in a joint venture, franchise, sell equity, and/or license your intellectual property and other assets.

Our combined decades of legal and business experience allows us to deliver guidance, documentation, and provide the legal and regulatory assistance needed to raise money in a variety of formats. Some examples of how we can help:

  • Securities Solutions — From raising capital through the private sale of your company’s stock or the issuance of debt instruments to going public through a Reg A offering, we can create the offering, draft the appropriate disclosure and subscription paperwork, provide guidance with respect to any reporting requirements and deal with the regulatory aspects of any securities-related offering.
  • Company and Subsidiary Formation — Our firm can create, modify, strategically and geographically move an entity’s state of organization, and tactically draft organic documentation. We provide counsel concerning corporate compliance and maintenance, and fulfill annual filings requirements.
  • Corporate Structuring — Rearranging the corporate structure of your business can help achieve a wide variety of goals.
  • Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances — We offer strategic assistance with structuring the relationship, documenting the alliance, and managing the ongoing paper trail and associated regulatory compliance. Joint Venture or Pre-Payment Agreement; Prepayment plan through retailers; Rep, dealer, or VAR agreement with upfront inventory built in; Preselling (ex. Traditional Crowd-Funding), etc.
  • Complex Alternative Transactions — We also have expertise with a wide variety of other, more sophisticated transactions like warehousing arrangements, factoring contracts, derivatives (swaps, futures and options), financial product trades (bonds and syndicated loans), structured products, and others.

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