Monetize Your Business Model Through Franchising

When you are looking for new opportunities to grow your business, franchising may be the right fit. You have spent time, effort and money investing in developing a business that has succeeded. There are always people with resources who are hungry for the chance to own a successful business, but they may simply lack the concept and knowledge that you can share.

We can help you monetize the business model that you have worked so hard to build and refine. We can help you understand what the process of franchising entails and how to effectively navigate the numerous facets of the process.
Our assistance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Creating the franchise agreement
  • Drafting required franchise disclosure documents
  • Working with you to develop your manuals, processes and other instructional information
  • Coordinating with intellectual property counsel with respect to your trademarks, logos, copyright, patents (if any), etc.
  • Registering your company in require registration.
  • Coordinating all franchise advertising to assure it is in compliance with the various state laws
  • Providing periodic updates and the associated state filings

Still Have Questions? We Can Help You.

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