Commercial Real Estate

Protecting Your Real Estate Investment

Real estate is a significant investment that needs to be handled appropriately to ensure that it is well protected. We offer our assistance to businesses who are developing, purchasing, leasing or selling real estate.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

For businesses, investors and individuals engaged in the sale or purchase of a piece of commercial real estate, we offer representation that understands real estate transactions and your needs. We know that the sale, purchase or leasing of a commercial property includes a wide range of considerations that are not part of residential transactions. Zoning issues, environmental regulations and other issues may have an impact on your transaction.

Decades Of Experience Supporting Businesses And Individuals In Real Estate Transactions

At PLG Law, our firm is committed to providing the support businesses and individuals deserve when they are developing, buying, leasing or selling real estate. With such a substantial investment being made, it is essential that nothing goes wrong and that your investment is protected. North Carolina residents are required by law to have a lawyer representing them at their closing. Florida residents are not required to have an attorney.

In our decades of helping our clients with real estate transactions we have seen the value that having counsel looking out for you can provide. This is one of your most important transactions and having counsel you can trust by your side can help you rest at ease knowing that your best interests are well protected.

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