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We are proud to serve clients throughout the North Carolina, with conveniently located offices to meet your legal needs. Whether you're seeking assistance in Elder Law, Estate Planning, Corporate Law, or Real Estate matters, our NC-based team is here to provide you with expert guidance.

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When it comes to securing your future and navigating intricate legal matters in North Carolina, PLG Law emerges as the top-notch choice. Boasting decades of experience and a dedicated team of seasoned professionals, we provide comprehensive solutions tailored to the Tar Heel State. Explore why PLG Law is your ideal legal partner in North Carolina.

Estate planning insights

Estate planning plays a pivotal role in ensuring your peace of mind and the well-being of your loved ones after your passing. PLG Law recognizes the multifaceted importance of estate planning in North Carolina, encompassing asset distribution, healthcare management, and financial affairs throughout your lifetime. Our mission is to meticulously craft efficient estate plans aligned with your desires, all while remaining cost-effective. We specialize in facilitating the seamless transfer of assets to intended heirs, circumventing probate and saving significant expenses.

Proficient probate assistance

The probate process, a court-supervised procedure for executing wills and distributing an estate's assets, involves crucial steps. At PLG Law, our probate attorneys handle these tasks with efficiency, expediting the process while minimizing estate costs. Our services encompass identifying and appraising estate assets, notifying potential creditors, settling debts and taxes, resolving claims, managing or selling property, and ensuring proper tax filings. We aid executors and personal representatives in fulfilling their duties, guaranteeing a smooth probate process and addressing any potential issues.

Whether the deceased resided in North Carolina or owned property here, PLG Law can expertly manage the probate process, regardless of its size or complexity. Our wealth of experience ensures your needs are met.

Asset protection for long-term care

Long-term care, especially in nursing homes, presents substantial financial challenges. PLG Law's asset protection attorneys offer strategies to shield your assets from the high costs of long-term care in North Carolina. Our goal is to help you access necessary care without depleting your assets or compromising your legacy.

Nursing home planning

Planning for nursing home care, whether for yourself, a spouse, or a loved one, can be an overwhelming task. PLG Law's nursing home planning attorneys in North Carolina guide you through this process, reducing stress and providing peace of mind. Early planning confers several advantages, including alleviating pressure on loved ones, organizing your financial affairs and understanding costs. We empower you to make informed decisions about your future care in North Carolina, ensuring your preferences are honored.

Expert corporate counsel

With over four decades of corporate expertise, PLG Law extends comprehensive corporate counsel to corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and boards of directors in North Carolina. Our experienced attorneys advise and advocate for corporate clients across various industries and jurisdictions. We specialize in structuring operations, contract negotiation, drafting, and enforcement, addressing a broad spectrum of corporate needs, including business formation, governance, commercial contracts, and intellectual property protection.

Franchising in North Carolina

For businesses seeking growth opportunities in North Carolina, franchising can be an enticing avenue. PLG Law assists businesses in capitalizing on their successful business models by providing expert guidance in franchising. We help you navigate the intricate franchising process, from crafting franchise agreements and drafting disclosure documents to developing manuals, coordinating intellectual property protection, registering your company, ensuring advertising compliance with state laws, and providing periodic updates and state filings.

Real estate expertise

PLG Law boasts decades of experience supporting businesses and individuals in real estate transactions throughout North Carolina. Our expert team assists businesses in developing, purchasing, leasing, or selling real estate properties in the Tar Heel State. We also extend our services to clients seeking residential properties for personal use or investment purposes in North Carolina.

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    Dave Iverson

    PLG Law prepared our wills, living wills, powers of attorney, and others. Ten days later we had signed and notarized documents. They also gave us additional advice on management of our other assets and some do's and dont's. Friendly and professional.

    John Bugowski

    The quality of their services is second to none. We were even able to close on the sale of our properties without leaving NJ. We highly recommend for your legal needs.

    Choose PLG Law for comprehensive legal solutions, unwavering support, and a team of experts dedicated to safeguarding your interests and securing your future.

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