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At our Clearwater, Florida office, our attorneys are dedicated to addressing your specific legal needs. Whether you're seeking assistance in Elder Law, Estate Planning, Corporate Law, or Real Estate matters, our Clearwater-based team is here to provide you with expert guidance.

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Why choose PLG Law in Clearwater?

For addressing complex legal issues in Clearwater and ensuring your future is secure, PLG Law is the top choice. With extensive experience and an expert legal team, we provide comprehensive solutions for estate planning, probate, Medicaid, asset protection, nursing home planning, corporate counsel, franchising, and real estate transactions.

For securing your future and addressing complex legal issues in Clearwater, Florida, choose PLG Law. Our seasoned team offers tailored solutions in estate planning, probate, Medicaid, asset protection, corporate counseling, real-estate and more. Here's why PLG Law is the preferred choice in Clearwater:

  • Safe and personalized appointments with our attorneys.
  • Specialized practice with focus on elder law, estate planning, corporate law and real estate. PLG Law has decades of legal experience.
  • Unique and customized legal plans that align with your specific goals.
  • We prioritize quick responses and proactive legal prevention.
  • Continued client education, ensuring you understand every step.
  • Ongoing support with regular updates and reviews of your legal plans.

Trust PLG Law for reliable and expert legal guidance in Clearwater, Florida.

Estate planning in Clearwater

Estate planning is more than just preparing for the future, it’s about ensuring peace of mind today. PLG Law and our Clearwater team can help you craft personalized wills, trusts, and estate plans that align with your unique desires and ensure your legacy is honored. We handle every aspect of estate planning, from simple wills to complex trust structures and estate tax strategies.

Navigating probate in Clearwater

Probate in Clearwater, Florida, is a court-supervised procedure for executing wills and distributing assets, involving several detailed steps. PLG Law's Clearwater probate attorneys efficiently handle these tasks to streamline the process and minimize estate costs. Our services are designed to relieve stress from your family during challenging times and include appraising estate assets, notifying potential creditors, settling debts and taxes, resolving claims, managing or selling property, and ensuring proper tax filings. We support executors and personal representatives in fulfilling their responsibilities, providing a smooth probate process and addressing any concerns that arise.

How long is the Probate process in Clearwater, Florida?

Probate in Clearwater may be necessary if the deceased resided or owned property in Florida. Depending on the size of the estate, either a formal or summary administration may be required. Let our Clearwater experts streamline the process, no matter the size or complexity of the probate.

Clearwater, Florida Medicaid laws

Florida Medicaid is a partnership between the State of Florida and the federal government that provides healthcare assistance to qualifying individuals.

The laws surrounding Medicaid and Medicaid for long-term care can be complex. Our Clearwater attorneys provide clear guidance on Medicaid eligibility and strategic planning to protect your assets while securing necessary healthcare coverage. Medicaid planning is essential, especially as it involves healthcare and financial security. Setting up an estate plan now with our Clearwater experts secures your benefits and also ensures peace of mind.

Asset protection strategies for Clearwater, Florida residents

Long-term care, especially in nursing homes, can pose significant financial challenges in Clearwater, Florida. PLG Law's asset protection attorneys in Clearwater devise strategies to shield your assets from these high costs. We provide comprehensive financial reviews, recommending trusts, asset transfers, and gifts to ensure Medicaid eligibility while safeguarding your wealth. Our aim is to facilitate the care you need without jeopardizing your financial stability or legacy.

If you live in Clearwater and have limited income, you may be able to qualify for Medicaid for long-term care if you have a limited number of assets, too. There are a number o ways to preserve your assets while also qualifying for Medicaid long-term care:

  • Converting cash into nonexempt assets like vehicles or larger homes
  • Establishing asset protection or pooled income trusts
  • Transferring assets to your spouse
  • Planning early gifts in your estate planning

It is crucial to consult with a legal professional in this complex field to navigate asset protection and Medicaid laws effectively.

Clearwater nursing home planning

Planning for nursing home care in Clearwater, Florida, for yourself or a loved one, requires careful consideration. At PLG Law, our Clearwater team advises on how to secure the best possible care arrangements without compromising your financial stability. We help families make informed decisions about nursing home care and other long-term care options.

Corporate counsel in Clearwater

Whether you’re starting a new business or navigating complex corporate landscapes, our Clearwater attorneys provide comprehensive legal counsel to corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, and boards of directors. We assist in operational structuring, contract negotiations, and legal documentation, addressing a wide array of corporate needs such as business formation, governance, commercial contracts, and protecting intellectual property. With over four decades of corporate expertise, our Clearwater-based attorneys offer seasoned advice and advocacy for corporate clients across various industries and jurisdictions.

Business franchising in Clearwater

Looking to expand your business through franchising? We guide Clearwater businesses through the entire franchising process, ensuring your venture into franchising is successful and compliant with applicable laws. PLG Law has experience in the creation of franchise agreements, the drafting of disclosure documents, manual development, intellectual property coordination, company registration, compliance with Florida advertising laws, and managing periodic updates and state filings.

Real estate expertise for Clearwater businesses and individuals

Our real estate attorneys in Clearwater are well-versed in Florida real estate law. We have extensive experience assisting businesses in developing, acquiring, leasing, or selling properties. We also offer services to Clearwater residents looking to purchase properties for personal use or as investments.

For detailed assistance or to schedule a consultation, contact PLG Law in Clearwater. Let us help you navigate your legal journeys with confidence.

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    Everyone in the Clearwater office is very professional. PLG Law answered all our questions & took their time explaining things to us. We used them & would go back again. I recommend PLG Law.

    Rhoda Costello
    Very knowledgeable and professional Clearwater law office even when “simple” started to become more complicated! 
    Tamara Gala

    PLG Law planned my parents estate thoroughly and affordably. I was happy to learn by a quick Google search that they are still at the same location. The Clearwater staff there is very professional and extremely helpful and expedient.

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