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At PLG Law, we have spent our careers focused on providing the support entrepreneurs and business owners can rely on to help them make informed choices that benefit their businesses and protect their investments. Our attorneys have served as senior vice presidents, vice presidents, CFOs, controllers, compliance officers and general counsel for a wide variety of investment institutions, banks and corporations. We utilize that experience and our decades of legal experience to ensure that we are providing our clients with the best possible counsel.

Driven To Serve

There is nothing more satisfying as a lawyer than to be trusted enough by a client to be included in their decision-making process. We at PLG Law strive to be part of your management group, providing our experience and knowledge to guide you to make prudent business decisions. To be your “Counselor at Law” is our goal. Every attorney at PLG Law shares that same commitment. We work diligently, bringing together our combined legal knowledge and business experience, to serve you. Earning your trust drives our day-to-day service to you.

Our Practice Areas

Corporate Counsel

We counsel management regarding commercial transactions, governance, disputes, and the day-to-day operations of their businesses.

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Raising Money

We counsel clients seeking to raise capital through the sale of an equity ownership stake in their company or through debt obligations, while ensuring compliance with securities laws.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

We counsel companies on both the buy and sell side of mergers, acquisitions, and related corporate restructurings and reorganizations.

Real Estate

We provide consultation, contracts, leases, title insurance, closing and other services to assist clients from beginning to end of their real estate transactions.


We counsel franchisors and franchisees on the structure, implementation, and compliance of their franchise concept.

Estate Planning

Protecting and preserving your wealth after your passing should be at the top of your list of goals. Estate Planning is critical to achieving this.

Meet Our Attorneys

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Tad Cook


Micah Cooper


Lisa Crandall


Jason Gould


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Shea Gryglewicz


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Spencer Lueders


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William Rambaum


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Trust Our Expertise

As an attorney for Bank of America, I was taught to deal at a very high level with the negotiation and documentation of a wide variety of transactions. I bring that level of competence to our small to mid-size business, hedge fund and financial institutional clients on a daily basis. All of the attorneys at our firm do the same in their respective areas of expertise. Our goal is to give our clients the same concierge level of service a large bank would derive from its own, in-house legal department.

-Tad Cook

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